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Our Experience

Anthony M. Abraham has practiced securities litigation, FINRA arbitration and AAA arbitration law for 37 years. We are in our fourth decade of private practice. Previously, Anthony M. Abraham was affiliated with a law firms involved with Federal Court Securities Litigation in which he defended churning actions in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of broker dealers. Anthony commenced his career as Law Clerk to a US Magistrate who sat in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Anthony is experienced hundreds of FINRA, AAA Arbitration, NASD and NYSE Arbitrations Anthony has tried at least 20 cases to verdict in the Federal Court, NY Supreme Court and in Civil Court, all in New York. Anthony is experienced in injunctive procedures, and all other commercial litigation.

Anthony has represented at least 200 claimants at Arbitration in the course of his career in proceedings against major brokerages, including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Prudential and dozens of smaller brokerages. Large Investment Advisors, including Sovereign International Asset Management, have been the subject of successful claims.

We also represent Claimants in Ponzi scheme claims. We have represented at least 20 claimants in claims against the Bernard L. Madoff Securities LLC Estate and BC Capital. Most of these claims involved negligent investigation by Hedge Funds domiciled offshore which had transferred investor funds to Madoff. What is called a claim for “Failure of Due Diligence.”

We have obtained million dollar settlements in FINRA arbitrations, litigations, business and employment disputes, tax shelter fraud cases, and Ponzi scheme cases.

Our Credo

At Anthony M. Abraham, Esq., PC., our Credo is the same as that of General Douglas McArthur:

“There is No Substitute for Victory”

What “Victory “ means in the context of a securities arbitration is an honest assessment of chances of a favorable result on an economic basis. It means brutal honesty with the client and more brutal pursuit of a miscreant broker or investment advisor.

We Stress Zealousness, Perfection and Honesty in Our Work

Perfection: We labor to make sure that our work product is of the highest quality. Every case is thoroughly researched and concluded. We navigate around all issues and try to be right on target.

Zealousness: We leave no stone unturned. Every pitfall is analyzed. Every Statement of Claim is researched, every motion, and every trial or hearing is prepared.

Honesty: We adhere to the highest standard of professional ethics. But the most important ethical consideration in our view, is being brutally honest as to where we stand and whether settlement of going to trial or Hearing is the best choice.

Conclusion: Every case is prepared for trial. We cannot assure a good settlement unless we prepare, from day One to appear at trial or Hearing. In the course of discovery, if we uncover adverse facts, or a limited possibility of collection, we advise immediately, but are prepared top “go to trial of hearing” in all circumstances.

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We invite you to call or email us for a free consultation, tell us your problems and concerns and we will give you an honest assessment of your case and help you determine the best course of action.

If you are a victim of securities fraud, you should call us and retain a sophisticated attorney to see if your losses can be recovered. Mr. Abraham is experienced as a securities fraud lawyer.

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Client Reviews
Tony helped me recover money from my broker after all my funds were lost. He intervened with my mortgage lender to. Tony protected me , helped me keep my house and recovered much of my lost funds. Jaimie A.
I never saw such effort, diligence and discipline in my life! Every day you were at it until you succeeded. Recovery of my investment was near total after the broker stole it all! I thank goodness for Tony Abraham! James W.
We remain ever grateful to you for setting our Securities Case. After were turned away by many attorneys, you took our case and succeeded. Anina M.